How to Improve Education

When it comes to educating our children, we’re failing our youth with an outdated education system. We don’t necessarily fully understand what it takes to give children, or adults, for that matter, a good education, but evidence repeatedly shows that we’re doing it wrong. Standardized tests simply don’t work when biology has no time for “standard.” We’re all different, and not in the “unique snowflake” way, but rather we are simply more different than appearances indicate. As such, our education of our youth should reflect the diversity of the students themselves on a neurological and psychological basis. This is just one of many ways we could improve the education system. Here are a few other ways we could improve the education of our youth.

First and foremost, we need to talk about engagement. Engagement is the biggest problem we have in education in my opinion. After all, it’s hard to learn when you’re bored out of your mind. What do you most kids do when bored in the class room? They doodle, or they sleep, and that’s not conducive to learning. That is, unless you’re doodling as a form of note taking, as I did in school. That’s kind of my point here. By making the learning process more fun for myself by doodling my notes, I learned the material more easily and overall more thoroughly. By engaging our students with interesting material presented in a fun way, we make it easier for kids to learn. We know this on some level, as younger kids have more gimmicky teaching, but I say that this is simply not enough. While the way we teach children isn’t suitable for teens and adults, the idea behind it applies to everyone. We learn more about the things that interest, so make it interesting.

On a similar note, we would also be in a better place to learn if we were literally in a better place. The environments in which we teach children can often be intimidating. Schools often have a cold and clinical feel, aside from the odd motivational poster or a student’s artwork on display. What we really need is a school that feels like a home away from home. Redecorating with some decor from The Lakeside Collection might be just what the doctor ordered. We want to encourage our students to feel at home in schools, because another thing that distracts from learning is discomfort.

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